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Elsewhere Nightly lives off of submissions from its readers. To submit to our will submit things to our mailbox, email your submissions to Make sure to include a name for credit and the name of your event. Please only submit work you have the rights to!

We are always looking for:


Character sketches, altered skylines, cool occult designs, epic battle paintings. We use these as featured images for posts, and always credit you at the bottom.


Have an upcoming meetup, group, org game, event, or gathering? Let us know, we publish these right before the weekend. Let us advertise your cool game.

Event Photography

Awesome costume? Epic interrogation? Rolled 6 20’s at the same time? Grab a photo and send it to us. Show us the fun you have. We compile these once a week for your viewing pleasure.


We love stories. Character journals, fan fiction, and even funny game stories are always up for submission.


Got a juicy news tip? Drop it our way and we’ll see what we can do.

Other content!

There’s a lot of other things we will post, so feel free to send us something if you think it’s worthy of showcasing.