White Wolf Has Plans to Release Content in 2016

White Wolf’s Lead Storyteller, Martin Ericsson, has confirmed that White Wolf has plans to push forward with material in 2016.

In a great interview with Swedish RPG site Imagonem, White Wolf lead ST martin Ericsson confirmed that White Wolf has plans to release content in 2016. ” Initial plans include products based on all of the ‘classic’ World of Darkness lines,” Ericsson said in his interview, “…I love the speculation and mystery surrounding future releases we saw in the 90’s, so we will definitely play with that aspect. Hints and clues to what will come next will appear in future products and WW communiques.”

Ericsson also laid down the law regarding adaptations of Vampire: The Requiem and other Chronicles of Darkness games:

Ericsson at Tenebrae Noctis

There is only one WoD. Chronicles of Darkness is a sandbox tabletop setting featuring the same broad creature types as the World of Darkness, but it is not the same world. It will not be spun off into computer games, novels, TV or anything else. It’s our specific brand for great metaplot-less, flexible, table-driven tabletop rpg. With the 2nd editions CoD has really found a separate identity from WoD and will continue to become even more of it’s own thing.

What content is due to be released? Computer games, apparently, are a big possibility: “[T]he economic centre of the company will be computer games…As things are now tabletop publishing hardly breaks even. Spiritually the core will always be tabletop rpg and larp. The Bibles we’re working on for computer games are written as if they were texts for a new tabletop edition, and will most likely be released in that format.”

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source: Imagonem


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