White Wolf Announces Storytellers Vault program

Storytellers and writers, start your engines.

ENWorld reported this week that White Wolf has announced the Storytellers Vault program, with the goal of allowing fans to collaborate and produce White Wolf fan material for distribution.

According to the post, the program will open with the ability to create modules based on Vampire: The Masquerade as a test run, which will subsequently be followed by other World of Darkness products. Creators will be able to set prices for their products and sell them, splitting the proceeds 50% with White Wolf.

This move has been expected by fans of the White Wolf games ever since Wizards of the Coast released its Dungeon Masters Guild in 2016. The move to crowdsource product is a brilliant marketing move that has been greatly beneficial to developers and fans alike, and has stimulated interest in game development.

White Wolf isn’t being coy about its connection to the crowdsourcing platform. “The Storytellers Vault will be almost identical to DM’s Guild,” developer Shane DeFreest said, “except we are launching with all 4 editions of VTM and the ability to publish fiction. We will be letting people use our trade dress, where the other programs don’t to the best of my knowledge, so you can make the books look exactly like a real vampire book from a set era.”

White Wolf has teased that White Wolf will be keeping an eye out for “truly exceptional content”.

This program is set to launch at GenCon.

Source: EnWorld

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