Underground Theater Releases Policy Discussion on ST PCs

Earlier today LARP organization Underground Theater released a statement regarding discussions over a potential policy change regarding PCs portrayed by Storytellers.

Rumors of a policy addressing player concerns over Storyteller player-characters have been mentioned recently for a while. The Underground Theater Board of Directors addressed these rumors today with a statement about where those discussions currently sit amongst the higher-officers.

“The Board receives patron complaints from time to time, and it has become apparent the greatest number of complaints being received centered around one issue: Storytellers playing their PC in their own game…As the governing body of this nonprofit organization, the Board felt these complaints were numerous and widespread enough that it was viewed as necessary to create a policy that would eliminate what players were telling the Board was a problem.”

The difference of opinion between STs who wanted to be able to portray they own PCs in game on which they also were staff became an issue. “There were some games’ STs who expressed that this was not acceptable,” the blog post above states, “and that if they could not play their PC in their own game, they would lose all of their staff, their game would pull out of the org or their game would fold.”

In response the Board proposed certain compromises:

“LSTs and ASTs may not do the following:

  • Adjudicate scenes in which their PCs are directly or indirectly involved.
  • Utilize their knowledge as storytellers in order to gain an advantage for their PC.
  • Participate in any plots instigated or stewarded by themselves or other storytellers on their staff.
  • Initiate hostile action against another PC within the game for which they are a storyteller.
  • Hold any local clan or court positions in the game in which they are a storyteller.”

It is worth noting that this policy discussion is not yet an official policy, and the Board has made it clear that “[a]ny policy that comes from this decision would still require a Board vote to become official.”

Read the full post on the Underground Theater Blog here.

Do you have thoughts on this policy or similar policies in other LARP organizations? Comment below.

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