The New Tech of LARP – Augmented Reality

The idea of using virtual/augmented reality for gaming isn’t a new idea. Fighting using sensors is the basis of laser tag, professional fencing, and other sports already–but now that tech is becoming part of the LARP community. And it looks awesome.

An announcement by Incognita Limited and Legacy Game systems showcases, in its video, what an AUG Larp would look like in all its glory. Taking on a distinctly Dystopia Rising-like style, the video follows a handful of players wearing sensor vests and augmented reality goggles taking on zombies in a post-apocalyptic setting.


The system used isn’t clear, but the example shows how a person’s stats are tracked automatically through a phone app. That’s right, no more rhinohiding! The computer sees into your soul. (I’m pretty sure that a computer tracking your existence will never end badly.)

But let’s talk about what this tech can do for our hobby. With things like this autocalculated, augmented reality systems allow for more complex rules-sets,, immediate access to rulebooks, and really powerful storylines. Imagine if your storytellers could control your environment by playing sounds through your phone. Or have NPC’s “call” you or “text” you information about where you’re going. You could even go full-on Pokemon Go and add in important information that’s only visible through your phone’s camera.

This kind of Augmented-reality gaming got the spotlight a year or so ago through the game Night Terrors, which was funded on Indiegogo two years ago. through application of those principles, the dark and unnerving environments of the World of Darkness or other LARP settings can take on a particularly immersive tone.

This is just the beginning, folks.

Check out the whole video below:

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