Hidden Parlor Officially Supporting BNS Werewolf the Apocalypse, All-Call for National Garou ST

Get ready for the Howl! Larp organization Hidden Parlor is officially running Garou games.

As the org announced on its website recently, Larp organization hidden parlor is now running games featuring the By Night StudiosĀ Werewolf: The Apocalypse Gamma Slice rules set. These rules which came out at the end of last year are part of the open-play development style that By Night Studios has been using recently in many of its works. By playing these games as an org, Hidden Parlor has the opportunity to help smooth out kinks in the development processes.

“With the implementation of Garou into our organization,” Hidden Parlor’s National Storyteller Jim Simons commented in this announcement, “we plan on giving this setting the support they need. Each Garou game will be connected to each other… We plan on making you feel like your Garou characters are not just apart of your local game.”

The announcement ended with an all-call for a Werewolf Assistant National Storyteller.

If you would like to support us by being a subject matter expert and becoming the National Garou Assistant Storyteller, please email community@hiddenparlor.com.

Check out Hidden Parlor here!


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