Play to Lose

Do me a favor this weekend, friends. Play to lose.

Get captured by cultists and have a religious experience, and then have your friends dramatically save you only to find that you’ve been brainwashed.

Die gloriously in battle, and have people raise your body up to carry you to the morgue while waiting outside–and have that fucking awesome Gravemind experience.

Lose your items due to a clever thief, and vow revenge on them and their children–making an enemy of them that you decide to financially ruin over the course of several games.

Walk out with a murderer into the dark, knowing you’re going to be killed.

Go off into the woods after you hear that strange noise–and find the monster there.

Take your hits.

Take that mangle limb.

Take that Murder.

Story means failing. Story doesn’t always mean winning. Story means you’re not going to always be a survivor. Story means you’re going to die or go crazy or turn into a raider or be tortured–and it’s going to be awesome.

Play to lose–and win in story as a player.

Catie Griffin
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Catie Griffin is a Novelist, editor, and print and digital journalist. She is the Co-Author of the Dystopia Rising tabletop books, Embers of the Irradiated West, Diaries of the Rum Coast, Scraps of the Rust Empire, Overgrowth of the Undying, and Sleepy Hollow. She is also the Co-creator of American Excess and director of Dystopia Rising: New Jersey.

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