PAX Media Launches Tabletop-Targeted Convention, PAX Unplugged

PAX Media, the minds behind PAX East, South, and West, are launching a new convention focusing on traditional games.

It’s no secret that Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, creators of Penny Arcade and PAX Media, are huge D&D players. From games with Wil Wheaton to major story arcs in the comic featuring their game antics, the world of tabletop gaming has been a huge part of their experiences.

Since the launch of the original PAX in 2004, its various iterations have been well-attended and highly praised for their celebration of gamer culture. PAX is known for having panels and exhibitors centered around both independent and major developers, giving a voice to the indie development community.

This year, PAX media is stepping into the world of gaming conventions with PAX Unplugged, a convention in their usual style but focusing on tabletop gaming. This move is utterly unsurprising from the people who regularly play D&D with staff from Wizards of the Coast.

Their exhibitor list is looking to be massive, with names like White Wolf, Privateer Press, Monte Cook, Steve Jackson games and WotC on their list. It is looking to be a major, major event and one that tabletop gamers will probably show massive crowds for. The full list of Exhibitors is available here.

PAX Unplugged is scheduled for November 17-19 at in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Get more information at the official site.

Image: Penny Arcade

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