Letter From The Editor: Year In Review

Dear LARPers Everywhere,

This has been a big year for roleplaying. Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?

College of Wizardry Brings Happy Potter to Life


Harry Potter Fans everywhere rejoyced with the announcement of massive LARP College of Wizardry with its no-limits roleplaying. Even despite the steep price the response was absolutely phenomenal.

Elsewhere Nightly Launches!

Some LARPer made a web site.

Costume and Prop-Sharing Programs Take Off

Happyjoel's Costume Closet

From the Minds Eye Society’s Props and Decor Team to The Bureau Of Helping Out, a lot of prop and costume-sharing programs have started this year and are growing in popularity. Maybe you should consider starting one for your local area?

Onyx Path Releases A Ton of Stuff


Not only did they do a friggin’ awesome AMA on Reddit, but they put out material almost daily on their site. Far too much stuff to recap here.

White Wolf Purchased by Paradox Games


This was easily one of the biggest bits of news to hit the LARP world this year. When it was announced on October 29, the response was immediate and very positive. The new CEO and new Lead Storyteller made sure to explain the direction they were going, and what they wanted to do.


This week I asked for you to tell me what things happened to you both In Character and Out of Character. The Response was amazing! I’ve compiled some of the best below!


The Last Bit

This has been an amazing year for LARPing with new groups popping up and new people stepping up to take on the roles that keep our communities strong. i want to thank everyone who’s supported Elsewhere Nightly and their local LARP events. You all rock my socks off.

Yours very sincerely,

Part Time Rogue
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