Elsewhere Nightly Launches!

“But Madame!” The young man protests, leaning impatiently forward, his gauntlets rattling softly on the table. “We had a deal!”

She scoffs and leans back in her chair. “Deal? No, no. Let’s not mince words. I lied.” His mouth opens and then shuts, but no words come out. “Speechless? Come on, don’t be so melodramatic. You suspected this from day one. That’s why you hired those people to tail me for weeks on end. Wonder why they haven’t reported back? You thought they just ran off with your money. Fact is, I just killed them.”

The young man, suddenly realizing exactly what danger he was in, straightens up. “I…you’re…” He sneers. “And I’m next, is that it? I’m your next loose end?”

She gives him a piercing, yet amused look before rising from the chair. “Oh, no. I have much more permanent uses for you.”

I know that you spend your free time in another world. Maybe it’s a world of vampires and werewolves. Maybe it’s a world of magic and mayhem, or chivalry and honor. Whatever world you choose, we bring that world–and the people who play in it–to you.

The site is in its alpha stages, right now, but when we launch officially, our goal is to bring you new content every single night, to give you some reading material on those long, lonely nights alone with a rulebook.

Don’t worry, we’re up just as late.

Welcome to Elsewhere Nightly.


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Sam Swicegood is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and actor based in Cincinnati, OH. He has been LARPing for over a decade. He is the author of Sci-fi RPG Cold Start, due out in 2018.

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