Gail Gygax Puts Rumors To Rest Regarding Gary’s Memorial Fund

After settling their dispute with TSR, Inc. earlier this year over the use of the “Gygax” trademark, rumors began to circulate regarding the legal battle and the use of funds destined for the Gygax Memorial Fund. Gail Gygax has put these rumors to rest once and for all.

In an online Q&A she participated in a few days ago, Gail said:

The Gygax Memorial Fund is a 501 c 3 Corp. All tax returns have been filed and all donations accounted for. The GMF does not pay Mrs. Gygax a salary for her endless hours of service nor has it loaned her or the Gygax Trust any funds. Unfortunately, on the heals of a press release regarding the “Gygax” trademark, it would seem certain individuals are out to sabotage the efforts of the GMF by engaging in wild speculation and mis-leading statements. This only serves to hurt the memory of E. Gary Gygax.

Learn about the Gygax Memorial Fund here.


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