A War of Our Own: In War, Not Everyone is a Soldier

A new LARP studio in Texas is recreating the struggles of wartime civilians for charity, with the support of the game studio behind This War of Mine.

In 2014, 11-bit Studios released a game called This War of Mine, set in a fictionalized war-torn Kosovo during the Bosnian War. The game, described by GameSpot as “A survivor game that answers questions about war you never asked”, tells the tale of surviving in a war zone with death around the corner every day.

Now, several years later, Jackalope Live Action Studios has gotten the go-ahead from 11-bit to produce a Live Action game based on that same idea. “The tagline of This War of Mine is ‘in war, not everyone is a soldier’,” says Matthew Webb, one of the organizers, “We want to keep to that message. We want to highlight the often-invisible people outside of the battles, who never hold a gun, who have to try and survive or escape in these terrible conditions.”

The game is trying to stay realistic and respectful. Jackalope reports that the writing and creative team for A War of Our Own includes several veterans including those of the Iraq and Bosnian conflicts.

Proceeds of the event will go to benefit War Child, a charity that works with the education and care of children whose lives have been affected by conflict.

The first run of A War of Our Own will be on February 3rd, 2018, in Temple, Texas, near Austin and Waco. Check out the game at www.awarofourown.com and follow them on facebook.

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