Elsewhere Media Limited

Elsewhere Nightly lanched on November 18, 2015 as a magazine targeted towards roleplayers, alternate reality game enthusiasts, LARPers, and others. Its parent organization, Elsewhere Media LLC, was filed in 2017.

Elsewhere Media provides convention coverage, social media events, and photography related to the greater LARP community for the benefit of roleplayers and story-tellers everywhere. Funded in majority by donations from readers like you, we strive to provide coverage of LARP News, events, and developments as well as developer news related to roleplaying games as a whole.


Director –┬áPart Time Rogue

Sam Swicegood is an avid roleplaying enthusast, writer, and novelist. He is the creator of roleplaying game Cold Start, due out in 2018, and has been a roleplayer for most of his life, his first PC being an orc named “Arrr” which he played at his family D&D game at age 4. Sam is also an active member of his local Freemason Lodge.

Staff Photographer – Heather Huddle

Heather is a disabled US Army veteran who has a travel bug and a camera. She has been to over 10 countries and wants to go to over 10 more. She also collects nerdy toys and is addicted to Snapchat.

Interested in joining the Elsewhere Nightly Staff? Send an email to PartTimeRogue@gmail.com.