White Wolf To Use CCP Material, Rewrite Canon, and Talk Netflix

Last weekend in Germany, White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjogren and Lead Storyteller Marcus Ericcson had an opportunity to speak about the future of the World of Darkness. The results are exciting.In an interview with Escapist Magazine, Sjogren previous mentioned expanding the World of Darkness brands to include more products and a wider range of license applications. This weekend he continued that message at Germany-based convention Tenebrae Noctis.

One of the targets is to streamline the World of Darkness in regards to different creature-type interactions. “We are looking to unify the look and the feel and the emotional overarching tone of the World of Darkness,” Ericcson said as reported by Escapist, “to make sure that when (and/or if) crossovers happen, they will work.”

Ericcson at Tenebrae Noctis

Most interestingly, the continuation of the World of Darkness canon was brought up by Ericcson, who noted that there are plans to rewrite the canon history starting around the 2003-mark. The history and global connection of the world and its history will “gradually shift from the United States to Europe, Russia, and the Middle East,” Ericcson said. Given how fandoms are so glued to their fandoms that they tend to get unreasonably angry when canons are rewritten, this announcement is due to be one of the more controversial from White Wolf this season.

The pair also mentioned the cancelled MMO and other CCP material. “A lot of people who sweated and bled for a lot of years,” Ericcson said, noting that the work done by CCP “will not be in vain.”

Finally, and one of the most buzzed about comments made, was a comment made in jest. Ericcson talked about White Wolf’s huge IP ambitions by saying, “We jokingly say that if we don’t have a show on Netflix or HBO around 2021, we have failed.” Given the cult success of Kindred: The Embraced, which is often regarded as ahead of its time, it isn’t outside of the realm of possibility to pitch such an idea to the ever-expanding studio of Netflix. The future of one of the largest RPG brands remains to be seen.

View the entire panel below.

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