White Wolf Announces Convention of Thorns LARP

Yesterday a massive announcement came from Europe regarding an announcement of a White Wolf sponsored LARP: The mythological Convention of Thorns. 

Claus Raasted, creator of renowned Castle of Wizardry LARP, has signed a deal with White Wolf to produce a re-enactment of Vampire: The Masquerade‘s Convention of Thorns.

Set in 1493, players have the ability to play anything from a Neonate to a Methuselah, with ghouls portrayed by the staff of the event. As a nordic-style LARP, the aim is immersion: out-of-character things are at a significant minimum, including the system of play. Contrary to popular belief, this system is liekly not a boffer-style LARP, given the way that Castle of Wizardry handles its stories with a simple and non-immersion-breaking system. The focus here is on story, rather than on “winning”; especially given the fact that there really were no winners at the Convention of Thorns, only losers.

According to Vampire: The Masquerade, the Convention of Thorns met in Europe in 1493. Attended by powerful and influential vampires of the age such as Hardestadt and Rafael de Corazon, to end a long conflict known as the Anarch Revolt. The revolt, began in the early 15th cenury by young kindred who were tired of their elders turning them in to be murdered by the mortal Inquisition of the time, lasted for almost a century before, through careful politics and propaganda, several elders were able to quell the Anarchs by offering them a place among the newy-founded vampire society called the Camarilla.

But Convention of Thorns is meant to intentionally stray from these ideas. The outcome of the Convention may be vastly different depending on players’ actions, and in the end the lore of the setting is not being changed. In this way, players are given the opportunity to spread out and focus on roleplaying a good story, rather than being canonically accurate.

The outside world is meant to be as stifled as possible, including how the press are being handled at this event. Cameras and film crews must be handled carefully so as to not break the immersion of the event. Much like Raased’s previous projects, the goal is to make it as real as possible, even sacrificing rules and press opportunities in order to do so.

More information about the Convention fo thorns can be found at www.cotlarp.com.

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