Wanted: Costume and Game Photos!

LARPers have a great history of gorgeous costumes and dramatic, dark images at their games. We want to showcase that and advertise your games while we do it. This compilation, called “Elsewhere Photos”, will go up every Tuesday night.

What we’re looking for:

Photos of you. Photos of your friends. Photos in costume. Photos at games (With descriptions!). Close-ups and publicity shots. Anything you’ve got the rights to. Yes, you will be credited!

How to submit

Send links to your photos (Don’t sent attachments) to en.submissions@gmail.com.

Photographer; Agustí Ortoneda. Model; Draïgona Vampire. 

Part Time Rogue
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Sam Swicegood is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and actor based in Cincinnati, OH. He has been LARPing for over a decade. He is the author of Sci-fi RPG Cold Start, due out in 2018.

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