Wizards of the Coast Announces Gygax: The Game

In a solid marketing move, Wizards of the Coast has announced their newest major project: A LARP version of Gary Gygax’s life: Gygax: The Game.

Now you, too, can experience the trials and tribulations of being a poor boy from Chicago turned into a game development legend. Using a homebrew set of rules that you, the player, have to create (to reinforce the realism of the setting), players each play Gygax from various parts of his life as player characters. Classes include:

  • Poor Chicago kid
  • Undergraduate student
  • Insurance underwriter for Chicago Fireman’s Fund
  • Bill Speer and Scott Duncan’s third wheel
  • Gen Con convention chair
  • TSR founder
  • Angry writer
  • Wealthy angry writer
  • Yoga student

Each class comes with its own version of Gygax’s spunky, sparkling personality.

Pre-orders begin April 31st. No comment yet from White Wolf on their similar-concept game, Mark Rein-Hagen: The Hagening, a Nordic LARP due out this summer.

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