Paradox Interactive does Reddit AMA, says very little about White Wolf

Today game developer Paradox, who recently acquired White Wolf, did a reddit AMA.

A few questions were asked about what Paradox intends to do with the White Wolf license, and the answers were slightly mixed.

IbeHarlot: Hey guys. What are your plans for World of Darkness and Vampire franchises after acquiring them?
Bjorn Blomberg, Community Manager: White Wolf posted on Twitter a little while ago they will also host an IAMA soon. Save your question for then I’d say.

Part Time Rogue: After Paradox acquired White Wolf, the new White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjogren mentioned the possibility of a Netflix or HBO Series based on the Vampire: The Masquerade license. Is this still just an idea or is there any plan to actually pursue this? You’d make many fans happy! In addition, is there any other new information about what things Paradox has planned for the World of Darkness at this moment?
Johan Andersson, EVP Creative Director: that is nothing we can answer, as PDS is a developer owned by Paradox Interactive, and we do not control WW.

See the full AMA Here.

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