MES National Storyteller address, November 2015


As we move into the winter and things slow down a bit, I wanted to take a
moment to address a few items.

First, I want to say goodbye to April Douglas and welcome Travis McLaughlin
to staff as ANST Lost. When I took over a year ago, Lost was one of our
smaller venues. Under April’s guidance, the venue has grown to nearly 60
venues across the US. Travis is stepping into big shoes. Please be patient
and help him get up to speed.

Convention season was a huge success and Vegas was a great capstone. I
wanted to say thanks to all the players, volunteers, and fellow
storytellers that made the games fantastic. I think our C/A game topped out
at over 300, which was the biggest of all the venues for the weekend.
Importantly, National staff continues to try to align convention stories
with National plot arcs to make these events have a personal impact for
attendees. I hired the very awesome Lesley Phillips as ANST Conventions to
serve as a liaison between conventions STs and my office.

Many of you have seen the new Accord addenda. We are trying to move Accord,
from a rules perspective, closer to our focus venues for a variety of
reasons. In short, it frees up my Rules Team and also decreases confusion
for players of both venues. My thanks to James and his team for the efforts
they’ve put forward in trying to be transparent with the feedback cycle;
we’ll try to incorporate a similar process in future addenda updates.

Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about what is going on in the
world in broad terms. In the past year, a number of tragedies
(mass-shootings, terrorist activities, racially sensitive events, etc.)
have impacted many of us at home and abroad. Previous NSTs have removed
similar events from the Chronicle during their tenures. Given a number of
factors, I don’t think removal is a sustainable policy, but we all
recognize these events have a place in our Chronicle. In the future,
various events will happen in our continuity, but I’m asking players to be
sensitive of their fellows and avoid discussing them in game space, there’s
enough horror in the game without needing to add these events. I’m also
asking STs to not use these events in their plots.

Next, let’s talk about something that may interest a few of you: Reset. In
speaking with the other Member Clubs’ NSTs and the Board, we’ve come to a
consensus to reset the Chronicle in December 2017. The date is a little
earlier than initially envisioned, but I wanted to align our Chronicles
with the new year and convention season. I had considered an earlier date,
but I wanted to make sure we had enough time for development. I will speak
more on the vision for next Chronicle in the coming months. I intend to
hire a team in the next quarter to look at all the things we will need to
develop it. Please stay tuned for more updates!

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, New Years, and any
other holiday you may celebrate in the coming weeks. Through the Holiday
Season, my staff and I will be working fewer hours. We’ll still check the
DB, report, etc., but response times may be a little slower.

Josh C.
us 2002 02 1315

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