MES National Coordinator All-Call 2015

The full text of the MES NC All-Call.

Hello MES,
Earlier this week the Board accepted Paul Hackett’s resignation from the
position of MES National Coordinator.  Paul has served as NC for several
years over multiple terms and we thank him for his service to the club.

Jenn Gerardi has agreed to stay on board as interim National Coordinator
until a new NC is selected. She can be contacted at
as of today.

We are now opening up the selection process for the position of MES
National Coordinator.  Due to our club-voted referendum earlier this year,
this is the first time we will be using the new process, so please make
sure to read this entire email for details.

There are four phases to the selection process. Nominations, Vetting, Q/A,
and the BoD interviews and selection.  Reminders and instructions for each
phase will be sent out to the list as we enter that phase.

Today – January 31st: Nominations

Beginning today we will be accepting nominations from the RC’s.  We are
giving extra time for this phase to accommodate for the holidays and for
this being a new process.

  • Each RC may (and should) nominate one candidate for consideration (RC
    should make sure the candidate wants the job).
  • Nominations do NOT need to be from the region the RC is a part of.
    RC’s may nominate themselves.
  • A list of which RCs participated will be published to the club.

If you are interested in being NC, you should reach out to an RC with your
resume to get their support to nominate you.

Qualifications for NC :

The National Coordinator (NC) is the head of administration for the MES. A
positive attitude, solid negotiating skills, and good communication skills
are a must in this position. The National Coordinator is also responsible
for managing the Regional Coordinators.

Per the MH they must also have:

  • Completed Membership and Coordinator Standards, or a stated intention to
    complete within thirty days.
  • Membership in the club for the previous two calendar years.
    Two years coordinator experience as a primary domain/regional officer or
    a titled coordinator assistant at the regional or higher level.
  • Experience as a lead or assistant to the lead at a regional or higher
  • Demonstrated ability as a consensus builder, people manager, and
    effective communicator.

The duties of the National Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicate regularly with the members of Mind’s Eye Society and the
    Board for Mind’s Society.
  • Report monthly on the status of the Nation.
  • Coordinate with the National Conventions Administrator to choose sites
    for national event.
  • Help members track their prestige, and to report that prestige to the
  • Help facilitate conflict resolution between members (see the section in
    the handbook on conflict resolution).
  • Provide leadership and guidance for the nation.
  • Maintain a positive identity for Mind’s Eye Society
  • The duties may be altered with the future adoption of the new Membership

The NC has authority to:

  • Award General, Regional and National Prestige within the limits
    presented in the Prestige section.
  • Review prestige logs for all member class advancements and awards of MC
  • Provide disciplinary action of national members.

Facilitating communication is essential to keep the club running smoothly.
It is the National Coordinator’s job to help the nation’s membership
publicize their events within the nation. The National Coordinator will
also act as a contact point between the Board and members of the Mind’s Eye

Nominations should include: (Note: It is the candidates role to prepare
their resume, not the RC)

  • Camarilla resume, including any club related or real life Relevant
  • Your vision statement for the position, which incorporates your vision
    for your tenure as NC.
  • 1 year work plan for supporting the club.
  • Any disciplinary actions or related Officer actions taken against you in
    Mind’s Eye Society from the past 3 years.

Jan 31st – Feb 14th: Vetting

During the first week (Jan 31st to Feb 7th) candidates will be vetted based
on qualifications and appropriateness for the job.  Any regional officer
whose nominated candidate is vetted out of candidacy will be given a week
(Feb 7th to Feb 14th) to replace their nomination.   At the end of this
phase the list of candidates (and who nominated them) will be published to
the membership.

The applications will be vetted on the following factors: Coordinator
Experience at the Regional or higher level, disciplinary actions in the
past two years that deal with matters of ethics in relation as an officer
or player, completeness of the application, timeliness of the application,
history of working within deadlines and delivering in a timely fashion,
ability to manage conflict.

Feb 14th – Feb 29th: Q&A

The Board of Directors will receive interview question suggestions for a
period of one week (Feb 14- Feb 21st) at an email address that will be
provided for this purpose.  At the end of that week, each candidate will be
given an identical set of written interview questions and allowed one week
(Feb 21st- 29th) to complete the questions.  After reviewing the written
answers, the Board of Directors will interview some or all of the
candidates and select the best candidate for the position.

Feb 29nd – March 6th: BoD interviews and selection.

The New NC should be selected and announced at the beginning of March.

Thank you all for your patience as we move forward with the process. I look
forward to seeing many club members participate and get involved. Any
questions about this process or requirements may be sent to me at:


Holly E. Houtekier US2002021999
MES Director

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