MES Looking for Global Storyteller Liaison staff for Cam/Anarch

Yesterday the Global Storyteller Liaison put out an all-call for an aGSL Cam/Anarch. If you’re interested, the posting is below.

Hi all,
after 2 years in the job, Evonne is resigning as AGSL- C/A effective at the beginning of 2016 due to her ooc job being very busy. She has done a ton of work for the Global office, co-ordinating canon NPC use and DPotM plots, and I am very grateful to her for liaising with our players and Top level STs.

For those that don’t know me, I am Silja (pronounced like Celia), and I am the Global Storyteller Liaison. GSL basically means I co-ordinate metaplot and setting between the member clubs, am NST over DPotM, and handle canon NPCs, together with my AGSL staff. So now I am looking to hire a replacement for Evonne, someone to look after Cam/Anarch for the Global office.

This position requires you to be very familiar with Masquerade and especially the BNS book on an administrative level (setting especially, mechanics less so) and having ST experience is a plus. The work load goes up and down, and you will not have permanent assistants, but may hire short-term Project Assistants if needed. I do require you to reply to emails within 72 hours, and check the database at least twice a week.

Your role is NOT to create huge plots to hand down, or write addenda, but to help storytellers from all member clubs, work with players to built stories and characters, work with Dark Places of the Map to establish history and story, and keep track of canon NPCs. You may also run the occasional PC-tie-encouraging proxy. Essentially, you will be a venue specialist and field questions about Canon setting, NPCs, etc including member clubs’ settings. You will also work with the NSTs and their venue assistants, conventions, etc to assist with questions, canon NPCs, etc as needed.

Applications must be sent to  no later than 11.59pm CST on December 8th. Interviews are expected within 10 days after that. All applications should include a Cover Letter/ Vision statement, Camarilla Resume and relevant real life experience and 2-4 Camarilla references (name, email address, and why you chose them to be a reference); bonus if at least one is from a different member club than your own.

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