MES Chronicle To Reset December 2017—6 months Early

Last night the National Storyteller of the Mind’s Eye Society released an address to the MES via the US-General list. Among his announcements for the new aNST Lost and a debrief on Las Vegas By Night, he included one announcement that was surprising to many.

Next, let’s talk about something that may interest a few of you: Reset. In speaking with the other Member Clubs’ NSTs and the Board, we’ve come to a consensus to reset the Chronicle in December 2017. The date is a little earlier than initially envisioned, but I wanted to align our Chronicles with the new year and convention season. I had considered an earlier date, but I wanted to make sure we had enough time for development. I will speak more on the vision for next Chronicle in the coming months. I intend to hire a team in the next quarter to look at all the things we will need to develop it. Please stay tuned for more updates!

With the chronicle ending 6 months early, it will be interesting to see how this affects gameplay in the different shared continuities. It’s likely the games will become startlingly more violent in the coming months. Game on!

Find the full NST address for your perusal HERE.

Correction: Originally we reported it would be ending a year early. However it’s actually 6 months. Thanks to Adam W. for the correction.

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  1. ALL OF MY PREDICTIONS about Requiem with this chronicle came true…even the decline in the venue enough to reset early. I normally try not to gloat, but this one is too sweet to pass. *ahem* BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

    -Mike W, Ex-US2008011669

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