Indiana Larper Starts Freecycle-like Costume Sharing Group

This weekend, Indiana-based Larper Adam Smyth hatched an idea to help build immersion in the hobby. His idea: Costume trading and sharing.

The group, called the Bureau of Helping Out, aims to help supply local LARPers improve their costuming by supplying donated items free-of-charge. They are currently accepting donations of all kinds of clothing items, from coats to armor to formalwear. “It’s my hope that this sparks off movements in other areas,” Adam posted on the page’s timeline.

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  1. In Washington, we’ve been having costuming donations for new players at our Dystopia Rising chapter for a few games now, it’s been wonderful to see the outreach to newer members of the community in order to make their experiences better.

    It’s also a kind of welcome gift that keeps on giving.

    Adam is a badass, and I look forward to his movement growing!

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