[Fiction Friday] The 7 Pillars

Hoping your Christmas and/or other holidays or lack thereof are splendid! It’s time for Fiction Friday again, with a series of short Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines fics.

Author: Marcus Gaudry

A House Divided (Brujah)

Early in the Praxis of Therese Vooreman; Clan Brujah is beginning to fall apart and Primogen Tyler struggles with his decision to back the Camarilla when he is approached with an alternative.

The Long Road (Gangrel)

All Fenris wants is to get out of LA. However, because of her duties and the fact she has an outstanding boon to Prince Therese, it’s proving to be long road…

The Garden Path (Toreador)

Realizing that the Ivory Tower cannot be changed from within, Toreador Primogen Xavier Vega meets with an Anarch from Canada who claims to have developed an entirely new system, and is willing to help him along the way to an unlife free of the Camarilla’s shadow.

The Seduction of power (Tremere)

As the influence of the Tremere Founder continues to overshadow Tabetha’s will, it becomes more and more apparent that the power which comes with this possession is something she is reluctant to let go of; regardless of the cost.

Found and Lost (Ventrue)

Cameron Hastings should be happy! He’s the new Seneschal of LA, his influence among the kine is virtually unmatched, and he has an amazing lover! However, his heart is just not in it – literally.

Madness is the Method (Malkavian)

A lot is going on in LA; but right now Marko is more than a little distracted with a personal matter that could effect his entire Clan; especially those linked into the Malkavian Madness Network.

The Red list (Nosferatu)

The Hunt for Khemintiri is on! Ajax is pulled from his duties in order to assist a specialist who has come to Los Angeles to track and either capture of kill this legendary criminal.

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