Elsewhere Nightly Hiring! Looking for Org Correspondents

Now that the site is getting ready for its official launch in the beginning of 2016, the EWN staff is looking for correspondents from different larp organizations like One World By Night, Undergound Theater, Dystopia Rising, Hidden parlor, and more.

If you are interested in sharing your organization’s news and connecting like-minded folks, this may be the place for you. Also, you need to be able to write effectively and well.

You should be:

  • A member of the organization
  • Knowledgable about your organization
  • Connected with the organization enough to have some kind of connection to their news and goings-on
  • A team player
  • Able to communicate and write blogs ranging from 150-500 words
  • Able to produceĀ at least 1 item a week
  • Able to work with people from different organizations
  • Willing to contribute to and network with LARPers and roleplayers around the world.

Interested parties should email parttimerogue@gmail.com with a resume.

About Part Time Rogue 70 Articles
Sam Swicegood is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and actor based in Cincinnati, OH. He is a member of multiple Parlor and Boffer LARP organizations and is an accomplished blogger and podcaster.

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