Camarilla Fan Club Announces New aGSL Cam/Anarch

The Global Storyteller Liaison office just announced their new aGSL Cam/Anarch: Christopher Urbanczyk. Full text after the break!

The AGSL position is a Global storyteller liaison position which looks after canon NPCs, DPotM for their venue together with the AGSL DPotM, co-ordinates Top ST written metaplot between the member clubs and assists STs and players at all level as needed. You can reach the AGSL CamAnarch at:

After 2 years in the job, Evonne has resigned as AGSL- C/A effective at the beginning of 2016 due to her ooc job being very busy. She has done a ton of work for the Global office and I am very grateful to her for liaising with our players and Top level Sts, she did a great job and will be missed!

We had some great candidates to take over from her, and after a tough interview session with the two top candidates, the National STs and I have settled on Christopher Urbanczyk as the new AGSL CamAnarch. Christopher is from Miami, USA (MES member club) and while only a member of MES for a year and a half, has already volunteered in a variety of roles and shown his ability to grasp the setting and be very organised. I look forward to working with him! Evonne and Christopher will take about a week to complete handover, and Christopher will take over officially on January 1st.

For those that don’t know me, I am Silja (pronounced like Celia), and I am the Global Storyteller Liaison. GSL basically means I co-ordinate metaplot and setting between the member clubs, am NST over DPotM, and handle canon NPCs, together with my AGSL staff.  If you have any questions about the Global office in general, I am available on, g-chat at that email or on IRC in the #cam-ooc channel as:  Silja_ooc

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